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byline magdalene

                 Computational Linguistics, Physics Storytelling

This is the Show!

Dear Rock,

Can you make it to the cafe and ranch in Arizona----------

Marco can give you directions, the highway that comes off the dirt


Sunflower is at school, her internship in Denver is going well...

so she will be home, Summer is on Venus, the hab they are at,

is growing a new type of vegetable....


Venus Orbiting! and prosper

Dear Rock......


Summer has started preschool and the school is quite receptive

to a mixed species, such as the, move from Terra to Venus.

Required …....Requiem

War has been and now the quiet and Peace of Venus society is a

welcome change.


Her guardian says that the climate seems to agree with Summer, also.

More later, we miss you so.......


Dear Rock,

Sol said that he received a call from you and that

everyone is to meet at your New York, hotel,

for a special engagement, with all attending

in costume; masks required=================

with a 200000000000000000000000000000000000 check!

Dear Rock,

the Martian sky

has a pourplr hue

the cafe around the corner from my loft has a latte leavening.

Thanksgiving is coming up and the

shopping at the Scottsdale mall.

November and the way toward winter........

hot chocolate, peppermint and psychedelic living.........

Soloman has the plane out of the hangar and

clocking miles.....

he was military once he told the story:

Chapter One.......

Soloman was always a plane aficionado, he grew up modeling,

a hobby for the moons of his planet......

could onle be seen few times in the rotation of the year long,

"Come for the Moons, they would say...."

Dear Rock,

See Blog and letting the apartment know in Tucson, my condition!