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byline magdalene

                 Computational Linguistics, Physics Storytelling

The Rock Story now called the Lake and Lake Trilogy is coming out in book and E-book in

January 2016.

For now the Reporter for Journalism pieces is the way in which communication or

our method, satire and allegorical, news highlights and longer pieces as well, will be


September 26, 2015

It is great at this juncture to talk about 2015, how it is and what to accomplish the rest of the year.

I am grateful for the beautiful place in Arizona that I am living. It is in northeastern part of the state near the petrified forest and the formations even in town are so far beyond even parts of the Grand Canyon. We are thirty miles from the border of the Navahoe Nation and the land reminds me of Venus, red earth and flat accept for some very sacred Rock, formations. One is very similar to the sacred site, Rock in Australia, that walkabout is the Place or purpose.

To walk in this area is to feel the earths core or where many sings of the natur or natural connection to space.

I saw the sunset with the moon almost full rising, at the same time as I walked to the grocery store and took a break from writing; I almost tripped but avoided a bad fall which could have broken my foot if I hadn't recovered. 

I am grateful because as I recover still from last year and three very terrible pneumonia episodes, the walking does me such good!

I am getting in shape and finally my breatheing isn't so strained. It helps not to be in such high elevations as in Colorado, my birthplace home, almost, shy a year.

I have written much in my discourse on the Four Corners and some of it will be part of the book.

One of the major like- Arizona Highways in the similarity to the land and personality;

I resort to the thought of ceremonies which arise out of that connection.

Climate Change Technology which Rock conveys in his communications is just that!

The weekend is here and the hot, warm weather makes for perfect days, to remember and to celebrate.

Chronicle and Dateline, this!

September 27, 2013

If I was at the Space Station, the question, how does one survive mentally, emotionally

and psychologically?

This is the age old question, and really one that most don't realize effects us here down on the surface, as well or equally.

We are in Space, all the Time!

Do mental health agencies or even fitness centers understand this, fact.

Do we as tenants of the earth run around our busy schedule never to take a

moment of reflection.

If done would all priorities change, such as many Hero movies in a

kind of unrealistic tone feel good optimism lead us to complacently

accept. The psychological of everyday life is postponed!

If our change does not come at this very moment would it when the Time comes?

Climate Change is a way to live it now.

Do we really Share or just talk ourselves up with it, the

idea or award not really earning it as we brag to the listener.

Do we work collaboratively with our enemy,

do we grow from adversity, strengthen, conquer with the right ethical framework.



throwing a Blind Eye!

It is not a downer to address, on the contrar,

( French of course)

it is the Adventurer.

October 3, 2015

The Summer of 2015, what was really?

Is it a happiness of memories or a totally new memory?

There is a conference the latter part of this month on

Climate Change, in Sacramento.

The list of major focus includes the usual, yet the unusual,

the cognitive, of what has impact to weather issues?

Are we finally seeing the intelligence of natural forces,

how human is more than human!

Exciting, going forward........

Denver is the Capital of Colorado, and I moved there right after college in

the flurry of activity, the skyline, parks, the snow storms

were of an unusual sight or sense in 1979.

The One Way streets were then ordered in downtown which left

many disoriented and confused, going the right way, wrong way.

Finally there was a settling in to the new grid.

The storm of 1982, was also something of a major trendsetting for the

Walk, given that there was so much snow that even four wheel drive

vehicles could not travel the streets, and the cold kept the storm one that

hung the forces of nature in a dominance of the planet as if to keep

a certain reality check, in check!

October 4 ,2013

Sunday, football!

October 9,2013

Hiking in Alaska

and the Alleghenies, with my tent and sleeping bag and dog Beauty, he was used to the likes of the Biltmore and Phoenix, not exactly the hiking type. 


He was a beauty allright, walking through the Lobby which was elegant to say the least. He stood out his Red coloring and as a pit bull so royal he was surrounded with lovers. I found him almost run over by cars on the Tesuque highway and I parked on the side road and ran to get him out of the cars, also surround; he looked the Matador.

He came readily and was scarred with half-healed scratches. He had been fought not even 6 months old and was very anxious and I spent the next 6 months healing him.........the symptoms many and layered.

more on Beauty,

    next entry! 

Nov. 14

Thanksgiving feels the Fall

and the story of a Fight, that was Beauty,

he would wrestle any other animal including suirrels, and

he was quite the beastie boy,

so he would almost lay down the fight just to