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byline magdalene

                 Computational Linguistics, Physics Storytelling

What a writer/ascetic eats, drinks and doesn't eat drink!

 The Best Headline:

What makes a good headline-------

1. It is fresh and invites the reader into the article

2. The now-ness; its not a day old, it is Timely, and

3. The excitement of the writing and information or disclosure is conveyed.

4. There is a detail which surrounds the whole piece that is included in its form

or structure.

6. The function or purpose of the writer or style is apparent.

What does this have to do with Business Consulting. A good or great article has the making of a successful project and directorship.

See our new Critics Corner and Washington Beat! To Come......

a personal column. 

Question and answers in the Platonic Discourse. 

Critics Corner

Did anyone see the Waashington Party recently televised; probably everyone!

What is it about roasts that somehow feel good, yet are not very past second grade

popularity contests? I remember second grade very well!

It seemed even the teacher did the seating chart according to the successes and failures of popularity.

Second grade meant that we weren't as unpopular as first graders and that was a collective win to start with at least. 

The rest was based on smarts, first, then appearance.

How would we rate the recent program, probably the same.

Everyone ranted about the intellect of humor and how everyone looked!

We could go to the second grade for another comparison.

How rich was the family or pedigree of the participants?

The Washingtonian elite are fun to imagine a night with, yet where is the humor in the ordinary.

I was more ordinary in general, how about you?

In admitting some ordinary it really might be what makes us most interesting!

...or extraordinary.

Going to the Hotsprings.....

Bless me father as it has been too long since my last sense of soar!

I am planning a getaway and the mountain spa, Indian Springs...nestled,

where or the how more important since I want the Luxury, or the symbol.

White Robe with a bottle of Perrier and Chocolate Truffle in my

dream, escape visualization, that I write to feel and grow the symbol.

What is it about a confession that cleans the soul and the minerals that

purify the body, that we so nearly spend dearly for a chance at fortune;

the wellness equation that soothes the traveler or the nomadic ideal.

The dream demands a dreamer and an observor self....the creator of a luxury

moment, the hypnosis of or architect in the realm of the unbelievable.

Whats next?........ only to believe! 

And to design with a designer, familiar with the territory of mental landscape

painting---------your wish is our command..............

and the worth beyond worth, is yours, keepscapes for business or pleasure.