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With (my)-----------Time/Revolutions, and  Sequence work, must Genesis be seen now for what it was...

a biotechnology or bioscience horror even gone wrong?

a male problem Oedipal, and behavior so predator.......?

Was then  Eve raped?

And a huge endeavor to come back from the wars....

now in the mechanics of the comeback, yet not;



Aya’s connections to Venus--------
There was a realization of the Original where Venesians were ridden or carry  Martians.   A proud tradition with extreme approaches to this rite------ were required and candidates were few and well determined; also there was the usual accompanying ritual, such as Apocalypse, what our modern opportunity, is really.  This was a proper miracle proposition for

only the very Brave and only the Extreme last Solution,


the very necessary, without any other .............recourse,

or a very Time, to Ride!

Yet Aya states, "I have been ridden in a very crude way,
 I have had memories, full detail and of much of this.
 I have woken up in the middle of the night or sometimes in the early morning where I have the distinct and full impression of a burden so heavy as though bringing up, just my physical self, alone, what could be portrayed as huge tractors and forklifts, machinery. 
Pulling up………….almost like a beast of burden pulling a load,

a bull, a horse, a spaceplane
Then another symbol……………………………………
a snow, dog sledding team------------------------going across the Tundra, such extreme conditions of exploration, survival  and Findings of a magnitude never realized.
"time, as is/was/will be taught by Rock",
was in her next notation.

She included a private message as well......
Venetians or Venerians the Species name, are described in the screenplay as blue women in which another species would during an outbreak or a virus, present a major threat…

Precautions in the method of intervention, were detailed and dimensional.

Soloman who defected from his planet against the war, a resistor!

Runs the operation, trained by the Best!
Yet war still is the result, in the cybernetic Force, all Readied, both for Love and the opposite of military front, campaign;
a type of yogi endeavor.
There was, is


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