MAGDALENE MAGAZINE - byline magdalene


walking and sleeping,

the dreamstate

Everybody sat at the conference room table, nervous about the,

then, a a band of outlaws from the, brainstorming/ department,

the film viewed,

camera even part of the visual effects;

begin dialog, now....321  #8

Rolling, and Quiet, Action!



"MY feet hurt, Snake"

"Just over the hill is a station and we can,

check with the park ranger, he is a trophy horseman well known all over Australia."

The Outback trail if one could call it that was of a winding sortie, as Snake with his drawl almost part of sound yet of an abbreviated form.

Snake :  the  Aborigine roots always, said, not really following a trail anyway, so

"Always" was his often reply, sometimes his only reply to any walk......


verb inquiry"

What is a Conjunctive Sentence?

Grammar or Grasshopper?

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