MAGDALENE MAGAZINE - byline magdalene
Gentlemen of Science------------------------Letter to the Consciousness Research Center

University of Arizona, Hamerhof and Company
I am interested in a meeting with you regarding some projects that could be designed with you your center in mind.
I have always done consulting as my main model!
Yey, such as a paper published on Psychosis in which a real-time psychotic episode, etc.
I am a gestalt-ist and dreamwork analyst in psychedelic elaboration,
and worked at People House in Denver in the 90's, during the latter part of Human

Potential Movement, from Esalen and Denver both;

before I started my career differently.
I joke that there is before psychosis and after psychosis.........
My training began in social science research at the University of Denver, MSW.
Please call me for additional or a meeting at Starbucks on University,

Tuesday at 11 would be satisfactory.
Until then flying carpet ride, Venus week a promise!
Lo Taurus

Real Time w/ classroom and experiential

What is our approach to the study, to study in general;

What is Indigenous?

to start with a Question.
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