MAGDALENE MAGAZINE - byline magdalene

Circle within a circle

time within time

happenin w happenin

huddle re Actor, sol-veing

2 weeks of Celebration

night within night,

I'm the writer!

Sheer mountain face, some fear,

a written tablet, cometh the knight.

Jerusalem in the morning.

The Martian city, Avon a Love festival,

the Tribal Gathering, reunion of players.

The first game scheduled for the Eve, bomb-fire.

The two athletes on opposition,

the team names, of the Amazon tribe...

chosen specifically for the tournament.

A feast of grapes, cheeses from Switzerland and baguette.

A light reflection from the Borealis, no need

ooh hurry..........they languished, in Colors!

a strobe of blue veils, a prism never before at yet.

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