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The healing center,

the institute, the church

the writers studio, the film production company.

Taking the written word to the next level, platform....process, knowledge and facilitation foundation.
                           major mission         statement:_E=mc2 including----

For clients our purpose is to work from a model of Sufism, especially Buddhist psychology for health, well-being and sacred time- space or Nirvana, reaching through with the practice of emptiness, detachment and devotion.

Spiritual Counseling


Seminars and Workshops


Esoteric Facilitation

Meditation Talks

Journal of psychology and methods, alternative.


NOETICS and Transcendence
Climate Change from the perspective of Storms, creativity 
and the significance in
Analytic theoretical Model--------Literary
Bio-informatics and Quantum information
Applied Physics and the
Philosophy and Psychology:
also the Frontier of Cyber Space or Multiplicity in Tasking;
Inner Space as a Discipline and more...... the emphasis on the significance of Gravity in Interpretation, waves and sounds are the newest ideas from Consciousness and Quantum mechanics.
The works and the modality, both can be the further reach, new  Age of
 BioNeuro-science and Technology.
see also
Summer Software
Why writers, satirists, are  especially prophetic?
Prediction and the reading of gravitational waves supporting 1915 research,
Relativity and scientist with an everything, inclusive, for Big Data
See architecture and art....

Free press, First and Second Amendment........ 
and influencing the Future......maps are the way to treasures,
See 2009 for the beginning of this Trilogy, advancement in Time and Film!
very ornate and delicate AND POSSIBLE.
We believe that reality in a peace for first time is a requirement, from
the idea we go to what is improbable to probable to that designation warranted reality.
Liberation and Victory in Recovery
 The allegorical Story of Rock begins with------------------------

                              OTHER, BLOGS
Climatology in Story Time
I am Running for President
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